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Painting Flowers with Kamlika - All Prima Workshop - 211859

Alla Prima is a painting technique which (in Italian) literally means ‘at first attempt’ or a single session painting. In this workshop Kamlika will demonstrate painting flowers from life using a wet on wet application of oil paint. She would briefly discuss her techniques and experience using the limited palette and effective color mixing. The objective is to demonstrate a beautifully rendered painting in the limited amount of time, stressing on how to create an illusion of form using this approach. She would demonstrate and help students get started on their individual stations/set-ups. Unlike indirect or layered painting where one spends significant time developing the subject in different stages such as a careful initial drawing/sketch, followed by under-painting (grisaille), painting in layers, we would compose a painting from start to finish in a single session. All levels are welcome, however some experience in oil painting is preferable.
Ages 18+

  Activity Description Dates Times Meet Days Locations Ages Price        
Painting Flowers with Kamlika - All Prima Workshop
05/12/2018 -05/12/2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Senior / Arts Center

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