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Details for Watercolor Workshop 1

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Fine Arts Room Senior / Arts Center48 Natoma StreetFolsom, CA, 95630(916)461-6601

Richard Meagher

$62.00 $62.00 $7.00

Learn to paint still life, skies, trees, rocks, fields and water. Each class will include a lecture, demonstration followed by class participation. Material information provided on receipt.
Ages 16+
Palette—A Robert E. Wood or equivalent is recommended. You may use a 10” white plastic dish
Brushes—Sets of 4 to 6 brushes are available. A minimum set should include a ½” flat (or larger) and a #8 round (or larger).

Paint—Use transparent watercolor in tubes. Grumbacher Academy watercolors are recommended.
1. Lemon yellow
2. New gamboge or cadmium yellow
3. Raw sienna or yellow ochre
4. Burnt sienna
5. Cadmium red
6. Thalo blue
7. Ultramarine blue
Paper—140 lb cold pressed paper 11” by15” pad.
A few other items you will need will be outlined in first class.


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