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Details for Polynesian Dance Advanced Youth - Pikake

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Multipurpose A & B Senior / Arts Center48 Natoma StreetFolsom, CA, 95630(916)461-6601

Natasha Forsberg

$55.00 $55.00 $7.00

Focus on building our Hula and Tahitian skills. All styles of Polynesian dance are incorporated. Students will learn dances and have opportunities to perform if desired. More info at:
Note: there is an annual material/performance fee of $30 per dancer, which is due at the first class, and allows access to practice videos and events. Make payment to "Aloha Dancers".
Ages 12+
Note: there is an annual material/performance fee of $30 per dancer which allows access to practice video and events (payment to "Aloha Dancers") due at first class.


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