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Details for Painting - Beginning & Intermediate

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Fine Arts Room Senior / Arts Center48 Natoma StreetFolsom, CA, 95630(916)461-6601

Cleide Sander

$45.00 $45.00 $7.00

This class offers students a challenging and exciting experience exploring the world of visual arts with the help of personalized instructions. Students will develop the ability to create unique compositions using oil and acrylic paints, in the process developing maturity of expression and uniqueness of vision. Materials list on receipt.
Ages 18+

Titanium White
Ivory Black
Alizarin Crimson
Burn Sienna
Cadmium red light
Cadmium red medium
Cerulean blue
Cadmium yellow
Lemon yellow
Raw umber
Ultramarine blue
Yellow ochre

PAPER CANVAS PAD: 16in.x20in.
BRUSHES: flat 1/2 in. wide
flat 3/4in. wide

PALLET: 1 tear-off pad

PALLET KNIFE: ideal size - 1/2in.wide x 1in. long


COTTON RAGS: old T-shirts, etc.

All the above materials are required for students using acrylics or oil paints.

NOTE: Only for students using oil paints the following materials are also required;

1- MEDIUM lll

2- 2 or 3 glass or plastic containers WITH lid


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