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Details for Pottery Wheel

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Ceramics Room Senior / Arts Center48 Natoma StreetFolsom, CA, 95630(916)461-6601

Sandy Hilton

$107.00 $5.00 $107.00 $7.00 $5.00

Learn how to make vases, bowls and more on the pottery wheel or improve your skills in this 8 week session. With 6 wheels and 6 students you really get time to work on your projects! Firing and glazes are included. Tool list provided.
Clay must be purchased from instructor for $11-$15.
Ages 18+
Students may borrow tools from the instructor or purchase a tool kit from Amazon, Folsom Lake College Student supply store, Alpha Ceramics and sometimes at Michaels or Aaron Bros similar to the ones shown in the attached photo. If a student wants to purchase a tool kit from the instructor, call Sandy at 916-335-5332.


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