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Instructional Pool Folsom Aquatic Center1200 Riley StreetFolsom, CA, 95630(916)461-6640

$79.00 $79.00

Our popular swim lessons fill up before summer even starts; ensure your space by registering now! Participants learn the basic motor skills for beginning swimming, crawl stroke, and progress to sidestroke, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Lessons are taught in both the 50-meter pool and the instructional pools. For more information please contact the Folsom Aquatic Center at 916-461-6640.Meet your instructor by the Instructional Pool. The Instructional Pool is located in the middle of the facility. Only children who are participating in Parent-Tot lessons can be under 3 years of age during this lesson time. All other lesson participants are required to be over the age of 3. If a swimmer registers who is not 3 with the intent of taking a group lesson they will not be allowed to participate and only provided a facility credit less the $10 administration fee.


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